Episode 5: ‘The Goblin Emperor’ by Katherine Addison

Ugh, another book about goblin kings? Bor-ring. At this point, you’d think the market’s a bit over-saturated. If I have to read one more word about goblin duchies…

What’s that? The goblin EMPEROR? We’re in!

In Genre Stop!’s fifth episode, Bri and Scott put that old saw to the test: power corrupts, absolute power goblin goblin. Along the way, they expose the scandal behind a pseudonym, work out the real-world equivalents of fantasy racial types, and unmask the recalcitrant royalist in their midst.

[audio https://s3.amazonaws.com/genrestop/Episode+5_+%27The+Goblin+Emperor%27+by+Katherine+Addison.mp3]

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