Episode 6: ‘Agyar’ by Steven Brust

What do scheming wizards, all-powerful rings, and a world populated by elves, hobbits, and trolls all have in common?

All of these words can describe The Lord of the Rings. We read a book about vampires called Agyar, though.

Tune in to this week’s Genre Stop!, as Bri and Scott tussle over a slim book that’s about either a suave lothario or a stone-cold undead killer. Along the way, they discuss the three tiers of vampire knowledge, Scott’s unhealthy fixation on early 90’s fashion, and Bri pretending not to know what Trueblood is.

[audio https://s3.amazonaws.com/genrestop/Episode+6_+%27Agyar%27+by+Steven+Brust.mp3]

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