Episode 10: ‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir

Nothing like a good human v. nature novel to get the blood flowin.’ And, oh-wee boy, have we got a good one for you in Andy Weir’s debut novel! He starts from a simple premise: how long could you survive, stranded in a marsh? If you’re like me, man, not very long!

I mean, I don’t think I could. What are marshes? I guess it’s not exactly a swamp. Or is it? Either way, no one’s gonna do better than the dude in our book! He survives for a really long time!

On Genre Stop!’s tenth episode, Bri, Scott, and extra-special guest host Christina Jensen discuss Weir’s 2011 blockbuster, The Marshian. Along the way, they touch on Bri’s veiled obsession with The Edge, Scott’s continuing Jane Austen ignorance, and Christina’s teenaged encounter with that ceaseless Cerberus of male sci-fi fandom: chauvinism, condescension, and sexist hiring practices.

[audio https://s3.amazonaws.com/genrestop/Episdoe+10_+%27The+Martian%27+by+Andy+Weir.mp3]

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