Episode 14: ‘City of Bones’ by Cassandra Clare

I never could sleep growing up. A lot can go through a kid’s mind laying there, waiting for papa to drag his bum foot across my dirty bedroom floor. Mama’d wasn’t much of a cleaner. Two years a coat-check girl on Music Row and you couldn’t convince her she wudn’t Loretta Lynn. Papa’s plant wasn’t doing so good regardless. Jim’d been laid off. Aunt Karen had moved on. And Uncle Billy only really had a job on account of losing two fingers on the line twenty years before. He hadn’t raised much of a fuss about it then and they made good on it by finding room for him now in return. Wasn’t much of a raw deal, the more ya set to think on it. Hell, I reckon dozens of boys woulda taken that trade in a blink.

Anyway, when dad got home he’d read City of Bones to me.

On Genre Stop!’s fourteenth episode, Bri and Scott revisit Cassandra Clare’s 2007 urban fantasy. Along the way, they discuss age-appropriate club drugs, invisible European countries, and the correct number of sequels.

[audio https://s3.amazonaws.com/genrestop/Episode+14_+%27City+of+Bones%27+by+Cassandra+Clare.mp3]

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