Episode 15: ‘American Gods’ by Neil Gaiman


This is the “show notes” section for the podcast Genre Stop! The goal of the show note is to provide a concise textual description of the audio content of the attached podcast, as podcasts are an aural medium and many of the devices on which humans listen to podcasts do not have a feature by which podcast previews may be spoken aloud through an automated voice, even though (and this is important) the device does allow for the conveyance of sound (such as when someone plays a podcast, for instance). Show notes therefore need to be written down. Maybe someday, some wondrous far-off future day, there will exist a means by which podcast show notes can be just as audible as the podcast they are describing. And on that wonderful day, my great grand-daughter will dismount her trusty Hoversteed, call up the podcast app wired into her retina (and slightly visible to any curious bystander or time-traveling ancestor) as a nearly translucent milky presence flattened across her iris, and peruse the latest offerings. Say one tickles her fancy. Say it’s called “Your Daily Blorpball Update!” Well, she can just thoughtselect “Show Notes” at that moment and, as she’s walking into the Blorpball Arena, you better fucking believe it that her SecondMe implant will speak those notes to her.

This, however, is not that day.

Stick around for Genre Stop!’s fifteenth episode, as Bri and Scott discuss Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. Along the way, Bri abandons Natalie Portman at a Wal-Mart, they debate the merit of dream sequences, and Scott shields himself from the white hot heat radiating outwards from Bri’s undying loveflame for the novel.

[audio https://s3.amazonaws.com/genrestop/Episode+15_+%27American+Gods%27+by+Neil+Gaiman.mp3]

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